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My First Ever Guest Post at JohnChow.com Completes My Success Story

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Once again, I am delighted to announce to you that my first guest post, How to Remain On Top of Your Game Even in a Saturated Market at John Chow’s Millionaire blog, John Chow Dot Com (a Google PR5 blog) has finally gone LIVE!


I am sure you know who John Chow is? In case you don’t know him (which I find hard to believe) here are few things you need to know:


John Chow is a ProBlogger, a millionaire blogger, a renowned 21st century internet marketer and a money making guru.
His blog johnchow.com is a BIG BOYS blog! One of the world’s most popular blogs in the blogosphere that teaches bloggers some cool ways to blog smartly and make some cool cash…


I was not too sure if I was going to get the attention of such a busy and high placed man like John Chow especially as a beginner who just started real blogging in less than 60 days.


Thanks to a friend and brother, Chibuzor of Content Marketing Up whose help getting to John Chow was made possible.


But guess what… Passion and determination made me get there!
Just the same way it happened with Darren Rowse and Ms. Ileane when I first made attempt to guest post on their high traffic and influential blogs.


So What is My Success Story?

If I may ask you, what will I say this time? That my success story is finally complete and what I called a dream has finally become a reality? [Smiling]


And what actually is this dream?


If you started with me when I shared my success story on how I got featured on Ms. Ileane’s blog – Basic Blog Tips (a Google PR5 blog) you will notice I challenged myself that I was going to write and get featured on 3 BIG blogs in the blogging industry before my blog- DailyTipsDiary.com turns 2 months old.


With joy in my heart, I wish to break the news that I finally made it!
I have in less than 60 days of blogging, guest posted for 3 Super Blogging Icons:


  1. Ms. Ileane of BasicBlogTips.com (PR5): 6 Unconditional Tips for Writing an About Page for Your Blog (Published on July 1, 2013)
  2. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net (PR6): 5 Tips To Writing Irresistibly Clickable Blog Titles (Published on July 22, 2013)
  3.  John Chow of Johnchow.com (PR5) : How to Remain On Top of Your Game Even in a Saturated Market (Published on July 25, 2013)


This is a huge success for me because I am happy that I gave myself a target and met it even before time with all three (3) of the posts published in the same month!


With Darren’s and Ms. Ileane’s endorsement in the last 2 to 22 days, my success story was pregnant until today that John Chow gave me the opportunity to guest post on his blog that the pregnancy become a full blown delivery…


Again here is my guest post at Johnchow.com: How to Remain On Top of Your Game Even in a Saturated Market


I am heading straight to John Chow Dot Com to join in the conversation, I will be expecting you when you are done here…


What Can You Say About all These?

What can you say about my Guest Posts on these BIG Blogs in less than 60 days? Do you think the success story is worth telling?

Let’s get this discussion started…

About Jackson Nwachukwu

Jackson is a freelance blogger and content writer who writes based on his 3Es Writing Rule - exposure, experience and expertise. He is the editor and author of Daily Tips Diary Dot Com. Read more about him here or join him on Google+ | Facebook | Twitter


  1. Hi Jackson,

    Well done my friend! I believe that building solid relationships with the right people has a very good impact to your emotional state and business growth. :)

    Thank you,
    Zourkas recently posted…The Mindset of a Successful Internet MarketerMy Profile

    • Hey Zourkas,
      You got me clean on this! A good relationship with the goal getters in your niche is onething every blogger wanting a place to speka should have.

      Just as you said, I am looking beyond the walls and I am ready for the BIG PICTURE!

      Thanks buddy for such a wonderful comment…

  2. Great posts and good to find you out from the latest posts on John Chow.com. First I have to tell your that the content flow is superb and kept me focused till the end of the article.
    I really like that fact you bought about ” Re-Package and Spice Up Your Products and Services with the Today’s Digital Marketing Tools” And also “About” page which is a clear message for all the bloggers who need to think smart to re-freshen their Game.

    Thanks and will be coming back to Daily Tips Diary.

    • Hello Fernando,

      I feel so much fulfilled hearing this from you! I saw the need to supercharge the mindset of bloggers especially in this time of flooded market and I voiced it out.

      Your comment is an inspiration and is pushing me to sparking up the passion the more…

      I really appreciate every single word you dropped on this post and say thanks a lot for reading and for coming over here at DailyTipsDiary, not just coming but promising to come back again…

      That’s awesome bro, see you at the top!

    • Hi Fernando,

      After Jackson’s post about the “about page” I uploaded my photo in order for people to feel comfortable and trust me. Indeed, you have to convey a message that there is a human being on the other side! :D

      Zourkas recently posted…The Mindset of a Successful Internet MarketerMy Profile

  3. It’s a great achievement bro. I’m glad I could be of help no matter how little. I feel glad about that…
    Michael Chibuzor recently posted…10 SEO Copywriting Tactics – Get Free Traffic!My Profile

  4. Hey Jackson! I’ve always told you the sky’s the starting point! Go man – and more grease to your elbow!
    Terungwa recently posted…10+ WAYS OF DRIVING TRAFFIC TO A BLOGMy Profile

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