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How I Got My Article To Become The Featured Guest Post On The ComLuv Homepage

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There is nothing more like seeing results for what you spend your precious time doing on a daily basis. Becoming a featured guest blogger or having your content featured on a BIG blog like ComLuv is really what you should aspire to achieve.

My first guest article at ComLuv has just been picked and made the featured guest post on the ComLuv.com homepage and I am delighted to share the news with you. So sit back as I will be sharing with you two simple tips you can apply right now to get featured on not just ComLuv but any other big blog that accepts your guest posts.


Andy Bailey, the owner and creator of the popular WordPress plugin “CommentLuv” and the brain behind the CommentLuv blog (ComLuv.com) confirmed this news when he wrote to inform me of the successful acceptance of my first guest post at ComLuv.com:

Hi Jackson Nwachukwu, 

Just to let you know that your post titled “6 Workable Tips To Supercharge Your Blogging Career” has been accepted and will be published on 2013-09-05 09:05:36

Don’t forget to visit the post regularly and answer any comments you may have once it is published.

Well done, great article which will be the featured article on the home page when it is published.

Thanks for being a contributor!


The Management

Seeing this mail made my day, and I had to quickly reply Andy to thank him for such an honour. The sweetest part of the mail was where Andy attributed to the fact that the article was a great one, which actually was the reason why he picked it up for a feature.

This success story is similar to the one I told on John Chow, the millionaire superblogger after featuring a single guest post I submitted two times on his blog: My First Ever Guest Post at JohnChow.com Completes My Success Story.

I’ve equally shared such success stories on Darren Rowse of ProBlogger and Ms. Ileane Smith of BasicBlogTips. You can check out my Guest Blogging archive to read these success stories.

Alright let’s get back to you! How did I actually got Andy Bailey to pick my first guest post as the featured guest post on ComLuv.com homepage?


You are few seconds to unveiling the secrets so read on…


How I Got Featured on ComLuv

Just before that, here is my guest post that got featured on the ComLuv’s homepage: 6 Workable Tips To Supercharge Your Blogging Career


One thing I need you to know is that I never campaigned or wrote Andy Bailey to consider my article as a featured guest post. It came as a shocking news, what I will be sharing with you on this post are the things I did before and after submitting the guest post to Andy. So keep it in mind that this success came naturally. That said, here are the actions I took that made Andy to pick my article as his featured guest post on the ComLuv.com homepage:


Tip #1: I Was Willing to Share my Knowledge on what Works

Here is the thing, if you really need to be noticed or picked up by industry leaders, you need to willingly start sharing what works in the industry where you blog. Don’t just write a guest post to submit and then wait for backlinks to flow in. Think of what works in your line of business or in the industry and write an applicable and workable good content to unveil more of them.

Industry leaders know guest posts that have life in them and these are the kind of guest posts they love picking or sharing extensively with their readers. It’s a normal thing for your guest post to be accepted by a host author, but it becomes an exceptional thing when your guest post is spotted for excellence and single picked from many articles. If you can achieve this, you are certain your career as a blogger is beyond limit.


Tip #2: I Understood the Language of Policy and Standard

In one of my posts, I shared with you how guest blogging has made me become a better writer and blogger. As a freelance blogger, my most preferred blog marketing strategy is guest blogging; this single practice has conditioned me into becoming a better reader and a blog policy abiding writer. I know too well that each time I make a move guest blogging on people’s blogs that I am no longer blogging in my comfort zone. Guest blogging simply means, stepping out of your comfort zone and blogging for other people (sometimes, people more seasoned than you are)

On arriving at ComLuv.com, I discovered how serious the guest post submission policy and standard was. Also becoming a contributor is not really that easy, but since I was ready to write for Andy Bailey, I took it upon myself to do what was right.
I spent some quality time reading through the long list of policy for becoming a contributor and submitting a guest post on ComLuv. First you will need to create an account, submit a sample of your best published article on other blogs and then wait for your author contributor account to be approved and then verified.


This is your USP (Unique Selling Point)

When applying to ComLuv, submit one of your best guest posts with good number of comments. In my case, I submitted my guest at ProBlogger.net on 6 ways to write an irresistibly clickable blog post headline which has 86+ comments on it so far. The name ProBlogger alone was my blog marketing strategy plus I did an article which is valuable and applicable.

One stage leads to another, once your account gets approved and verified, the next thing is writing a workable and valuable blog post.
Andy expressly made it known that he does not hire the services of copy editors which makes him the primary editor and every guest author the secondary editor of his own content. What this means is that the possibility of your content going live on ComLuv blog depends on you. So here is the thing:

Get it right, you get published expressly and stand the chance of being featured, get it wrong you get kicked out… (simple)

I actually got Andy to accept and publish my article without giving him any stress or doubt about my writing. The very first mail I got from him after submitting my content was the one I shared with you above which means he read my article and found that I offered a valuable, resourceful, helpful and applicable content and above all applied all the policies and standard stipulated without missing any.

To sum it up, here are few of the guest post submission policies and standards which I successfully followed and applied to get featured on the ComLuv blog:

  • Writing an irresistibly clickable blog post headline
  • Writing a valuable, resourceful, helpful and applicable content (very key to getting featured)
  • Proofreading and spelling
  • Formatting the blog post into the standard of ComLuv myself
  • Using proper tags (h2 and h3) for headings and sub-headings
  • Image width (400px maximum) and proper image attribution plus placement
  • Exclusivity and proper linkage

Do you think you can practice or get these things right? If you can actually do or get them right, then consider yourself a candidate with qualities of being featured any time you guest post on the blog of industry leaders.

I am Challenging You Today!

When it comes to guest blogging and showing off your blogging expertise, ComLuv is one of the BIG blogs which helps you stand out among the crowed. It’s called the guest blogger’s heaven which means you stand the chance of being hired as a guest blogger and above all featured as an expert in your industry so I challenge you to take a step further by guest posting at ComLuv today.

To round it up, I will leave you with these lines of statement as published on the ComLuv’s Submit Your Article page:

It is widely known that a sure fire way of getting your blog noticed is to guest blog on another site. Not only does it give you a chance to write for a new audience, if the blog you’re guest posting on has a high traffic / PR set of pages then you can easily gain some Google juice too.


ComLuv.com is a PR5 site and has multiple PR4 pages across the whole domain, write to your own subject and squeeze some fresh Google Juice to your own site.


Every guest blogger that gets their article published will be rewarded with multiple dofollow links in the author box on every post that they make. Most articles get sent out to the newsletter subscribers every week (over 16,000 of them!) and really good articles get sent as full content so there’s even more exposure for your links!


It’s so easy, you can do it today!


Again, here is my guest post that got featured on the ComLuv’s homepage: 6 Workable Tips To Supercharge Your Blogging Career. Please visit and drop your comments on the post, I will be there also to join in the conversation.


Your turn! Have you been featured on someone’s blog? Leave a comment below and let me know!

About Jackson Nwachukwu

Jackson is a freelance blogger and content writer who writes based on his 3Es Writing Rule - exposure, experience and expertise. He is the editor and author of Daily Tips Diary Dot Com. Read more about him here or join him on Google+ | Facebook | Twitter


  1. Hey, Jackson, I really love your desire to teach and educate! You know what? I always ‘peep’ to see if you’ve got fresh content. As always, your entry has been informative, educative and entertaining!
    Terungwa recently posted…HOW TO LOWER YOUR ALEXA RANK: TRICKS YOU NEVER KNEW!My Profile

  2. hi Buddy,
    I too have got one of my articles as featured in the same blog.
    I think that if your content is really genuine and has quite good formatting, it will be approved as featured.
    yogesh pant recently posted…Battlefield play for free: Battlefield 3 Handbook/Battlefield 3 Soundboard/Battlefield 4CountdownMy Profile

  3. you are a good writer and you done your job well nice post you written there in commentluv i have read that post .. congo.
    Prince Ramgarhia recently posted…Article Rewriter For Improved English and GrammarMy Profile

  4. Always heading to the top, i really admire your success. Just gone through your post on commentluv, it’s great.
    Jeremiah Nwabuzo recently posted…16 Most Effective On Page And Off Page Seo TechniquesMy Profile

  5. A Great post. All readers will definitely like this post. Looking forward for your next post.

  6. Hi Jackson,
    I have been wanting to get into guest blogging, but I have held myself back because I know that it will take a lot of hard work. Not that I’m scared of hard work.

    Publishing a post on my blog is a lot different than writing something for someone else. I know that I would have to spend a lot of time writing something that shines and makes people want to put it on their blog.

    Thanks for these tips…when I get ready to begin guest blogging I know that they will definitely help me.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Susan Velez’s Traffic Domination GuideMy Profile

    • Hello Susan,

      I will tell you one thing, publishing a post on your blog and having the conviction that the post is good and fit for your readers makes you a good guest blogger.

      There is nothing to fear about it or procrastinate, you already have the calling and all you need is call to action.

      When I started guest blogging, things were not clear to me, but since it was something I had passion and love for, I went for it, and today I am proud to tell you that I have what it takes to guest post on any BIG blog that exists online today.

      If I can get my post to be published on blogs like ProBlogger, JohnChow, Search Engine Journal, Basic Blog Tips and so on all in 2 months then you can make it.

      Just believe in yourself…

      Finally, I am glad you found my tips helpful.
      Jackson Nwachukwu recently posted…6 Blog Marketing Strategies To Supercharge Your Online PresenceMy Profile

  7. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your
    blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed
    and I hope you write again very soon!
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  8. This is a really informative post…hope to get featured soon cos I strongly believe the tips highlighted is a real eye-opener.
    Charles recently posted…Say no to relationship abuseMy Profile

  9. Hi Jackson,

    That is great achievement my friend. Comluv is a great place for guest bloggers publication. It’s a strong boost for blog development.

    Okto recently posted…Aim for Relationships not LinksMy Profile

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